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Private Doctor Consultation £60 - Free Cosmetic Consultation - HGV Driver Medicals £65

Any Private Consultation

Consultation with a doctor about a medical problem or prior to specialist consultation which may or may not lead to additional investigations, aesthetic and laser treatments or operations.

Consultation with a nurse before having aesthetic, laser or surgical treatments or for travel advice to determine vaccinations etc.

Additional Tests & Pathology

  • Resting ECG

  • Leg & Arm Blood Circulation & DVT Screen -By Doppler

  • Asthma & COPD Spirometry Assessment

  • Hearing Assessment

  • Full Blood Test - Pathology Profile

  • Prostate Antigen (PSA), HIV Test Hepatitis B Antibodies

  • Male & Female Hormone Profile

  • Allergy Screen Blood Tests

  • Cervical Smear

  • Urine Microscopy & Culture

Travel Vaccines

  • Hepatitis A&B Typhoid, Tetanus Polio

  • Meningitis A&C Diphtheria Rabies

  • Japanese Encephalitis Influenza (Seasonal)

  • Yellow Fever & Malaria Tablets

Occupational Health

  • HGV/PSV DVLC Driving

  • Pre Employment, Sports, Insurance

  • Any Purpose Medicals

Men's Health

  • Consultation with a Nurse - Basic Health Screen

  • Consultation With A Doctor

  • Andropause Management &Male Erectile Dysfunction

  • Prescriptions & Management Advice as Appropriate

  • Vasectomy - By Doctor

Women's Health

  • Abnormal Smear, Irregular or Heavy Bleeding

  • Menopausal Problems & Hormone Implants

  • Medical or Sexual Pelvic Pains

Abnormal Smear

If you are found to have an abnormal smear and confused not knowing what to do you should be able to have a doctor consultation to assess the situation and know what options are open to you. After initial consultation with a doctor further investigations are undertaken by a consultant gynaecologist which would include biopsy/colposcopy to establish the diagnosis and do necessary remedial treatments and advise you future course of actions.

Irregular or Heavy Bleeding & Pelvic Pains Initial Doctor Consultation

Sometimes there can be very simple explanation. So, it is important that you take this opportunity to discuss with a doctor before you embark on further investigations by specialists.

Once established that additional investigations required arrangements would be made for you to be seen by appropriate consultant. Consultant gynaecologist investigates by blood tests, ultrasound, aspiration of womb etc. to establish the diagnosis and do necessary remedial treatment and advise you future course of action.

Family Planning

  • Medical History, Blood Pressure and Weight By Nurse

  • Contraceptive Pills& Injections By Nurse

  • IUCD Coil Insertion By Doctor

  • Pregnancy Counselling & Termination of Pregnancy

  • Female Sterilisation - Consultation With Doctor

Pregnancy Counselling

Family Planning Provide pregnancy diagnosis, advice and counselling and offer information for you to reach the necessary decision to suit your personal circumstances.

Provide wide options of Family planning services including coil insertion and hormone implants and other minor gynaecological procedures appropriate.

Fees & Private Insurance

Full fees are due at the time of Consultation or Investigation.

Any other investigation not shown can be arranged at local private hospitals at your request.

The above range of services are offered generally as a day case or out patient care at an agreed price in advance without requiring overnight hospital stay in most cases. You may reclaim part of your treatment and consultation fees for the service provided by the consultants subject to terms of your insurance policy.

Doctors Referral

It is preferred that patients should consult their own GP in the first instance. But they may contact the clinic without a Doctor's referral as they are funding these services themselves. Confidentiality or contact maintained with your GP at your request only.

All Consultations by appointment only

If you would like further information or want to arrange an appointment call us on 0845 6019982

Our Clinics

  • Telephone for All Clinics:
    0845 6019982
  • Churchill Clinic
    94 Churchill Ave
    Chatham Kent
    ME5 0DL
  • Allington Clinic
    26 Tichborne Close
    Allington Maidstone
    ME16 0RY
  • Lockmeadow Clinic
    54-56 Tonbridge Road
    ME16 8SE

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