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Bototoxin and Collagen

There has been a great advancement in cosmetic "no down time" procedures over the years. There are variety of minimally invasive treatments for the reduction of lines and wrinkles. These procedures can provide you with a fresher, younger and healthier look.

Bototoxin - Botox®

After years of squinting, laughing, frowning, smoking and worrying, the skin around the eyes and on the forehead often develops deep lines and wrinkles. The wrinkles caused by these expression lines has been difficult. These lines make you look older, tired or stressed. By judicious use of Bototoxin, a well known, medically established and approved muscle relaxing agent, these lines can be significantly reduced.

How soon the results will show and how long does the treatment last?

The effect of Bototoxin- Botox®  are visible within three days. Maximum benefits are reached between ten to fourteen days. Once the muscle relaxes and skin softens, you will have a relaxed and youthful appearance. The treatments are no substitute to facelift by surgery. But the optimum appearance may be achieved with bototoxin in conjunction with laser photo rejuvenation.

The effect of the treatments with bototoxin last usually for three to four months. You will see gradual appearance of the lines. The results, following several treatments , may last six to eight monts or more depending upon individual variation.

Temporary Collagen Dermal Fillers

One of the consequences of time, smoking, the sun and gravity is a loss of dermal collagen in the skin resulting in wrinkles. Age related changes of the lips and mouth include thinning of both the upper and lower lips, loss of contour, and thinning at the corners of the mouth, causing a downturn of the corners of the mouth and a resultant aged appearance.

Collagen injection therapy offers immediate subtle improvements in the lips and their surrounding structure by rebuilding the structure around the mouth to regain more youthful looks and plump up the lips depending upon the treatment technique and the type of preparation used to enhance soft tiss'ue augmentation.

How long does collagen last?

In general follow up treatments are required after 6-12 months. The collagen get absorbed into the body and metabolised resulting in gradual appearance of lines, wrinkles and thinning of the lips. Clinical experience indicates that touch-up and follow up treatment will add to the duration.

Our Most Used Dermal Fillers:

Restylane®  Juvederm Ultra, Teosal, Radiasse Collagens.

Muscle Relaxing Injections: Botox, Xoemin & Azzaluro

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