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Light Treatments

Red and near-infrared light are a "window" of wavelengths that are able to pass through tissue up to 1 inch deep.  Red and near-infrared have beneficial effects on cells by "kick-starting" them into immediately cheap led light bulbs creating more ATP (cellular energy) and increasing DNA and RNA activity.  This effect has been carefully studied in many published reports since 1987.  The positive effects occur only in injured cells.  There is no benefit to healthy cells.  In the past, lasers were thought to be needed to provide the light, but it's been known since 1989 that LEDs are just as good.

The ideal wavelengths are between 600 and 900 nm, with the best results at specific ranges: 610-625, 660-690, 750-770, and 815-860 nm

NASA recommended wavelengths of 680, 730, and 880 nanometres to stimulate a response of cellular activity; accelerating healing and skin rejuvenation

At our Allington Clinic Maidstone we have approved The Nue Wave LED System.

It complements all laser, Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels, and Skin Tightening treatments used to improve skin tone and texture including problematic skin with Acne, Sun Damage or Ageing processes.

  • Safe and effective for any skin type

  • Comfortable, non-invasive, no down time, quick, convenient & adaptable

  • Hands-free and rolls up to the treatment bed

  • Red, blue  or combination lights

  • wholesale led light bulbs for home

  • Treatment times can range from 15 - 45 minutes

If you would like to know to more contact us on 0845 6019982

LED Light Therapy

Blue Light for acne, rough texture, hormonal problems, and breakouts

Red Light for aged skin, hyper pigmentation, sun damage, rosacia

Light Therapy Blue/Red: 20 Minutes Treatment

Book Four Treatments & get Fifth One FREE       

To achieve Best Results 8-10 Light Therapy treatments needed at 10-15 days intervals

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