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Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical way of removing the dead and damaged skin by vacuuming across a jet of fine crystals through a sterilised, sealed tubing system. Treatment can be performed on the face, neck, chest, hands, back, elbows, feet - just anywhere. It can be used alone or in combination with other treatments. It is a new science in skin care, the ultimate advancement in skin regeneration.

Microdermabrasion improves:

  • Skin texture

  • Uneven skin colour

  • Acne and acne scarring

  • Dull or dry patches

  • Clogged pores

  • Blackheads

  • Large pores

  • Fine lines

  • Rough, thick or dry skin

  • Sun spots

  • Age spots

At our clinic, we use Ultrapeel-Transderm system; it allows us to adjust the power and depth of the dermabrasion into the skin tissue, so that operator can safely treat the solar powered toys patients skin, without over treating or working too deep. The system is safe, comfortable, and has no adverse effects and little contraindications. Best of all there is no down time. You can resume regular activities immediately.

The Ultrapeel-Transderm system offers three levels of Dermabrasion:

  1. Horney Layer - Beauty Flash treatment for skin peeling The skin may feel tight as if exposed to the sun or wind for a while after the treatment. Keep the skin well moisturised.

  2. Papillary dermis - Treatment for acne/stretch marks/fine lines, wrinkles/Hyper pigmentation. The skin will appear red and slightly swollen, ranging from a few hours, to a few days for more sensitive skins.

  3. Dermis - Deep treatment for tattoo removal, deep scar & stretch marks. The skin will appear red and slightly swollen as in level 2. Slight blood spotting may occur immediately after the treatment and the healing process will commence. The time taken can be longer than level 2 treatment.

After care

Keep the skin well moisturised. Ensure that the area is kept clean. Remember the fresh skin that has been exposed will be delicate.

Protect it from the sun by using at least 12 SPF sun tan lotion.

Extra care for deeper treatments

Level 2: Do not apply make-up for 24 hours. Avoid any treatments on the skin for 2 weeks. Keep the area clean and dry as possible. Avoid swimming at least for 2 weeks.

Level 3: Follow all the instructions for level 2, plus keep the area covered with sterile dressing for 24 hours. If the treated area is on the body, wear loose fitting clothing and allow air to body wherever possible.

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