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We come into this world, tiny bodies wrapped in skin, and though we are naked, it is the only suit of clothes we will never grow out of. It is amazing; a self-repairing waterproof covering that protects us from infection and regulates our temperature. And it is tough too!

Yet over time our skin becomes damaged. It is inevitable, and though ageing itself no bad thing, it is the ageing of our skin that can make us feel old. It is only natural that we search for ways to reinvigorate our skin.

There are lots of treatments, some invasive some non-invasive. Cleansing and moisturising regularly is always to be recommended. But what is it that makes our skin age? And what is ageing skin?


The obvious symptom is wrinkling. This is caused by the thinning of the skin and occurs when cell production in the epidermis starts to slow. The dermis is also effected and may become thinner. These changes will cause the skin to wrinkle.


Sagging is another effect. This occurs because less elastin and collagen is produced in our skin. Elastin is what gives our skin elastic properties and collagen gives it strength and support. Without this support our skin will droop and sag.

Age Spots

Age spots, often call liver spots are caused by the increased production of melanin. They tend to be visible in certain areas, usually the back of the hands and other parts of the body that are exposed to the sun.


As we grow older our skin dries. This is because older skin has fewer sweat glands and oil glands. This can make us prone to itching and roughness.


All these things will eventually happen to us, though how quickly and to what extent can be down to us. Our life style plays an important part - more so sometimes than genetic factors.

The list may not be surprising.

The Sun

Over exposure to the sun is never a good thing. It is well noted that skin cancers are on the increase, and if that is not reason enough the fact that baby care tips sunlight will age us. UV rays are the villains. Overexposure will break down collagen and elastin, the effects of which cause wrinkling and sagging. UV rays will also cause melanin to be produced resulting in sun and liver spots.


There are many good reasons to give up smoking, and though we are all aware of the most obvious ones, healthy skin is another. Smoking damages our skin in many ways. Nicotine narrows the blood vessels and inhibits circulation. Collagen and elastin are destroyed, the vital components that keep our skin strong and elastic. Wounds are slower to heal. A smoker's skin is recognised by a sallow and grey complexion resulting from a poor circulating.


Modern day living in a polluted environment will take its toll. Grime coats our skin, blocking our pores. We work and live in centrally heated and air-conditioned environments. This can problems with skin being dried out and rehydrated.

Stress and Sleep

It can be difficult in today's society to remain free from stress. The skin will often be effected. Symptoms are various, but most common are dryness, spots, boils, and sensitivity. Another symptom of stress is lack of sleep, this can have adverse effect since it is while we are sleeping that the skin rejuvenates.


We will always, at Aesthetic Face, recommend a healthy life style. But when the damage has been done, some times it is necessary to recommend cosmetic treatments. There are various things that can be done, from laser treatment, dermal fillers, botox and facial contouring.

Our team is headed by Dr. Ravi Vibhuti, an experienced and general practitioner and cosmetic physician. All our practitioners are experienced and fully qualified.

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